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The Benefits of Energy Storage Technologies

Any consumer that deploys solar is offsetting their needs for power. The complication lies in the fact that there are times when solar may not be able to produce enough energy to meet the consumer’s demands, for example on cloudy days. On the other hand, there are times when the amount of solar energy being generated is more than necessary.
A solution to this challenge is to integrate battery storage technologies with renewable energy systems in order to store energy when it is being over produced and release it when it is being under produced. Battery storage systems provide numerous benefits, not only for the environment but also for the consumer economically. They can be easily installed to work in conjunction with existing renewable energy systems.

There are various types of battery storage technologies. One approach is to use a hybrid energy storage system, or a HESS, which is defined as, “a stationary system that integrates two or more energy storage technologies with complementary operating characteristics”. HESSs are able to do more with less overall storage capacity, due to the stacking of multiple technologies. Some other major benefits that a HESS offers for businesses include:

  • increased efficiency and reliability of the system
  • lower energy costs
  • low installation costs
  • increased system lifetime
  • the ability to operate under dynamic conditions without compromising system health (i.e. power outages and other emergencies)
  • lower emissions and a lighter footprint

Commercial and industrial building managers are beginning to realize the positives that come with installing an energy storage system. A white paper from Navigant Research predicts that global installed HESS power capacity is expected to grow from 78.6 MW in 2017 to 2.1 GW in 2026. As the prices associated with these technologies continue to drop, more businesses will adopt this economical solution in order to help them meet their sustainability goals. 

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