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Renewable Energy Among Leading Corporations

Renewable energy is becoming a major focus for investment within the corporate world. Some of the most well-known brands are beginning to take action towards reducing their environmental impact by incorporating renewable energy investments into their corporate sustainability plans. Companies are continously setting and achieving higher and higher clean energy production goals.
Recently, Apple Inc. issued a green bond of $1 billion with the intent of using the proceeds to fund various renewable energy projects. This is Apple’s second major issuance of a green bond; its first one, in 2016, ranked as the largest green bond ever sold by a U.S company at an astonishing $1.5 billion.
Already, Apple powers 96% of its operations on renewable energy sources. With the help of this recent investment, it aims to reach a goal of 100% clean power generation within the coming years.  

Last week, Goldman Sachs declared a deal to procure wind energy through a power purchase agreement. The wind project is to be built in Pennsylvania in 2019 and will provide sufficient renewable energy credits to completely cover all of Goldman Sachs' energy needs in the U.S.
General Mills also announced an investment in renewable energy last week in the form of a virtual power purchase agreement. This deal will help to fund the Cactus Flats wind project in Texas. Renewable energy credits provided from this investment will bring the company closer to acheiving its greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.  
These are just a few examples of the most recent corporate investments in renewable energy in the United States. It is expected that 2017 will continue to prove as the biggest year yet in terms of renewable energy investments.
Currently, half of the Fortune 500 companies have public sustainability goals. As costs of solar energy and onshore wind energy continue to decline, corporate leaders will keep investing in these technologies not only for the environmental benefits and positive publicity, but for the economic advantages.
Renewable energy is not just for large corporations, however; it can be adopted by any business and tailored to fit their specific needs. Pfister Energy specializes in helping businesses lower their energy costs by providing turnkey building-integrated applications and energy efficient systems for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. Give us a call today to see how we can help you and your business make the switch to renewable energy.

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