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New York Makes Strides Towards Achieving a Clean Energy Economy

A recent press release outlines Governor Cuomo’s Clean Climate Careers initiative, an initiative which aims to accelerate the growth of the renewable energy sector in the state of New York. According to the report, the state plans to invest an unprecedented $1.5 billion in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, creating up to 40,000 jobs within the industry and strengthening New York’s position as "a national leader on climate change".  
This type of commitment by Governor Cuomo and the state of New York is significant on many levels.  Aside from the environmental benefits of such a substantial investment in clean energy technologies, the multifaceted initiative will help to foster the economy by creating various long-term career opportunities for unemployed individuals as well as recent college graduates. It is important to observe that there is ample potential for employment within the industry, from construction jobs to positions in sales, management, marketing, and finance. 

Our team at Pfister Energy is excited to see that the major economic potential of a transition to clean energy is being recognized at the state level.  Aside from creating jobs and spuring widespread development of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, we hope that New York's Clean Climate Careers Iniciative will inspire the governments of other states to take notice and follow suit.  
Pfister Energy supports this noteworthy initiative and applauds the state of New York for its dedication towards achieving a clean energy economy.

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